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Aerial Hoop: This high-flying endurance workout will get the wind in your hair and have you sweating. Aerial Hoop is designed to strengthen the upper body, improve flexibility and coordination. Learn to climb in and out of the hoop, transition in dazzling movements and dance high in the air.

Chair Play: This class will incorporate the chair and the floor in an exotic dance workout. You will learn today's hottest dance moves and incorporate that slow yoga movement in a safe, sexy environment. Chair Play is a whole body workout and you will sweat!

Deep Stretching & Flexibility: Flexibility is something you use or lose. Don't let your body stiffen; gain mobility in this deep stretch class. Our professionally trained instructors have a lot of great information to improve your overall body flexibility for beginners and the already bendy client.

Firm & Flexy: (Recommended to those that have taken a couple of pole classes) Get yourself in tip top pole shape with this 1-hour class divided into 30-minute pole conditioning and 30-minute stretching. In the pole conditioning, we will be utilizing the pole to condition our bodies with exercises that focus on preparing yourself for advanced pole moves while toning and tightening your core. This stretching will focus on proper form and pushing your body to the absolute maximum.

FREE Introductory Class: This class will break you out of your shell and into the world of Pole Pressure. You will learn the basics of Pole Pressure and the Pole sport style. This class is a fitness assessment for those interested in attending classes at Pole Pressure. It will allow you to test out the Pole levels along with any other classes on the schedule. Groups of 5 or more or parties are not permitted, you will be turned away and asked to book a private party instead. This class is strictly for those interested in a membership or class pack at the studio. No reservation necessary (First-come, First-serve).

Pole Level 1: This is an introductory pole class that will help you get comfortable, moving, and grooving around the pole. You will learn the basics of the art of pole pancing, strength training on the pole and learn some challenging moves to help you improve your pole abilities. Pole level 1 will not lift off of the ground.

Pole Level 1 + 2 Combo: A little hesitant to jump into polel level 2? This class will start you with some pole level 1 moves and then lift you off the ground in basic pole spins.

Pole Level 2: This class is going to lift you off the ground in basic spins and pole movements and is focused on the mechanics of spinning and lifting. This class will provide you with strength training and more challenging dance movements. You will not do anything upside down or do one-handed spins. Some polers find themselves in this level for a while because there is an unlimited amount of spins and transitions to learn.

Pole Level 2 + 3 Combo: A little hesitant to jump into pole level 3? This class will start you with some pole level 2 moves and help you advance those two-handed spins. This class can also start climbing and doing one-handed spins.

Pole 3: You are encouraged to have taken at least a pole level 2 class or feel comfortable spinning, before attempting this class. In this class, you will learn more intricate spins, move into one-handed spins, and climbing the pole. In this level, you will also learn and develop the motions of going upside down.

Pole 3 + Trix Combo: Taking the elements of strength and challenging spins to a whole new level! Challenge your body with the tricky bi-polar and tri-polar spins and train the basic upside movements. You may even start going upside down and taking your hands off in this class.

Pole Trix: In this class, you will learn to incorporate the movements learned in other levels and get continual practice in the motions of going upside down and eventually doing upside down tricks. You are encouraged to have taken at least a pole level 3 and feel comfortable going upside down, before attempting this class. The goal of pole trix is to help you piece the movements together and practice individualistic choreography.

Champions Training (invitation only): If you’re feeling very comfortable inverting and in long Pole series, this class is for advanced training. Practice high-level competitive series, train the hottest tricks, power spins and develop the skill to begin building your competition routine.

Downtown DC
1322 14th St NW
Second Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Cleveland Park - DC
City Fitness
3525 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008

Baltimore - MD
(Inside of Tano Akili Art Studio)
2654 Maryland Ave
Baltimore, MD 21218

Ellicott City – MD
(In Quest Fitness)
10039 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Capitol Hill - DC
315 G St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Alexandria - VA
2304A Huntington Ave
Alexandria, VA 22303

Richmond - VA
109 W 15th St
Richmond, VA 23224

Germantown - MD
12619A Wisteria Drive
Germantown, MD 20874

Hyattsville - MD
In “My Body Shop”
6001 66th Ave #102
Riverdale, MD 20737